Our hosting services are intended to provide an overall web experience, including the technical conditions for your website or web platform to run and function properly according to actual internet standards.

For this purpose, we extend a series of terms of use for our hosting clients to comply and agree. Please read carefully before you purchase a hosting package with Skedge de Costa Rica S.A. and Contact us if you have any questions.

  • We adhere to the anti-spam policies from CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which regulates the way in which we send massive email promotions. DOWNLOAD USER GUIDE.
  • Any violation to these rules may result in definitive account closure -no refunds-, and we will only reconnect the service once the case is cleared and cleaned any blacklisting collateral.
  • We provide phone support and vía email for email account creation and hosting panel options or you can rely on us to setup your hosting panel options, so you don{t need to hire extra technical assistance.
  • We do not provide IT support, networking services or software installation, nor we setup email accounts for you on outlook or other programs or devices.
  • We provide all the necessary technical information for accounts setup in all devices and email clients.
  • Our hosting packages are detached to any other services such as maintenance, design or development, but we do recommend the use of our hosting services to ensure a healthy website with great performance.
  • If a hosting package is above 90% usage in bandwidth or disc space, we will upgrade to the next package available. You will be able to accept or move to another host if you wish, once the billing is clear.
  • We do not reimburse hosting packages. No exceptions.
  • Once your hosting package or domain is overdue, reconnection fees apply from $50 per re-connection. We do not guarantee that your domain will not be lost in the reconnection process.
For any additional questions please contact our hosting representatives at hosting@skedgeglobal.com.